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Frame Maintenance

Maintaining and protecting your eyeglass frames is crucial because they hold your eyeglass lenses in place and help to correct your vision. It’s important to have your eyeglass frames properly aligned by an eye care professional to ensure that the correct part of the lens is in front of your eye for optimal vision correction.

Proper frame alignment is especially important because it ensures that your eyeglass lenses will remain stable and fixed in front of your eyes. Taking care of your eyeglass frames doesn’t have to be time-consuming, but it is a simple and routine task that can help keep your vision clear.

Caring for eyeglass frames

To ensure that your eyeglass frames stay in good shape, it’s important to handle them carefully. When putting on or taking off your glasses, use both hands to gently grasp the frame arms and slide them on or off, making sure to lift them over your ears.

You should also periodically check your eyeglass frames for misalignment and loose screws, and if you notice any issues, visit your eye care professional for an adjustment. It’s not a good idea to try to adjust your eyeglass frames yourself, as they can be fragile and you might damage them.

Make sure to regularly wash your eyeglass frames with soap and water and a soft cloth, and store them in a sturdy eyeglass frame case to avoid stretching or misaligning them. Avoid storing your eyeglass frames on your head, on the floor, or by the sink, as these can all lead to damage or dirtiness.