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Caring for Lenses

One easy way to extend the life of your prescription eyeglasses is to store them in a case when they’re not being worn. However, it’s understandable if you don’t always remember to do this.

If you’re looking for ways to maintain the health and performance of your glasses, here are some tips to follow:

Clean your glasses and protect your lenses

To properly clean your prescription eyeglass lenses, gently rub them clean with your fingers using warm, soapy water. Rinse them, and then pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth. Opt for ultra-fine, machine-washable microfiber lens cleaning cloths to remove any remaining dirt or dust. Avoid using rough materials such as rags, facial tissues, or paper towels, as these can scratch your lenses, and definitely avoid using household cleaners, acetone, or soaps with cream as these chemicals may damage your frames. By following these simple steps, you can effectively clean your prescription eyeglass lenses and keep them in good condition.

Use a sturdy case for storage

To keep your lenses free from scratches and your frames in good condition, it is important to store your eyeglasses in a sturdy protective case when you are not wearing them. This will also help to keep your prescription lenses clean. Avoid placing your eyeglasses in a purse, pocket, or bag without protective storage.

Place glasses down gently

It is best to avoid setting your eyeglasses on surfaces that can potentially damage the lenses, such as tables or desks without a protective case or the floor. When you are not wearing your glasses, it is best to keep them in a protective case or on a safe, clean surface. When using your eyeglasses in the bathroom, be aware that splashes, sprays, and cosmetic products can soil the lenses and potentially damage any anti-reflective (AR) treatments. To ensure that your eyeglasses are working effectively and to prevent misalignment of the frames, it is important to wear your eyeglasses on your nose rather than on the top of your head. Remember that prescription eyeglass lenses are designed to be worn in front of the eyes, not on the head.