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New Retinal Camera from Apex Optometry

Introducing our new all-in-one Retina Camera

Apex ptometry is proud to be one of a few practices in British Columbia that offers this advanced retinal camera. The Marco Retinal Camera AFC-330 combines a computer with a built-in camera that has 5 automated functions to capture high definition 3D images of the inside of your eye. And it is available right here in Penticton, BC

For increased efficiency, the photographs are taken one after another seamlessly and quickly. Plus, the flash intensity and shutter sound have been reduced to make you more comfortable.

Retinal imaging technology allows your eye doctor, Dr. Zak, to get a panoramic view of your retina in a matter of seconds. The images are auto-focused and reliable, and are fully integrated with our office’s electronic medical record system (EMR) so that we can save them as a baseline to compare to future eye exams.

Digital retinal scans are the newest featured exam in optometry because they enable earlier detection of eye diseases and conditions that affect the eye. From glaucoma to macular degeneration, from tumors to diabetes, your retina provides a unique vantage point. Containing both nerves and blood vessels, changes in the sensitive retinal tissue can indicate the development of diseases and conditions before symptoms are present, giving you the chance to seek treatment before the damage has been done.

At Apex Optometry in Penticton, BC  we want to protect your vision. That’s why we make sure to provide the latest in eye care technology.